Love for my L Town

Town of Lyons, view from the L hill.

Town of Lyons, view from the L hill.

Many friends have asked how they can help our little town of Lyons, Colorado begin the long journey of rebuilding after the devastating flood a month ago. Our amazing community has come together in so many ways and here is a list of ways many groups have come up with to help:

The Lyons Community Foundation is helping to rebuild Lyons one life and one brick at a time.

For donations and support direct to the businesses of Lyons, visit or The Lyons Business Recovery Fund, PO Box 150, Lyons, CO 80540.

Full of relief resources, Lyons Area Flood Rebuild is a great site with many photos and lists of fundraising efforts.

Lyons is where Oskar Blues and Dale's Pale Ale was born. Always a supporter of community efforts, you can donate to their Can'd Aid Fund

We love local farms in Boulder County. Many of them found themselves underwater for harvest time this year. Please help our farmers by donating to Front Range Farm Relief Fund.

One of the many things that makes our town so great is the many musicians who live and play music here. These folks are exactly the type who play benefit concerts and give their hearts through sound. Many lost everything in the flood and it is our turn to give back to them through the Lyons Musicians Relief Fund at Wells Fargo Bank. Please direct your donation to Account No.3868653936.

Speaking of music, Planet Bluegrass, the epicenter of great festivals was at the epicenter of destruction along the St. Vrain. Please help these festivals live on and support great music through the Planet Bluegrass Flood Fund.

Some young Lyons locals recently off to college watched the flood from afar. Desperate to help, they promptly started Love4Lyons, showing undying long distance love to their hometown.

For news and updates from Lyons, visit I AM LYONS COLORADO and the Lyons Recorder.