Ready, Set, CLEAN!

I am excited to start my annual cleanse and have a few friends join me along for the ride. Welcome!


I have done a 3 to 5 day juice cleanse or two in the past, however I found them to take a lot of will power and you feel a bit fuzzy and woozy - for me, this would work better if I did a retreat to focus on this process. Over the past couple of years my husband, Ben, was on a cholesterol mission and a discussion with friends visiting back home in Tennessee, they told us about the CLEAN book. I had just begun working for Whole Foods Market and learned that I could get a deeper employee discount by doing a Biometric screening every year. Health of their employees is important to them and so I set out to achieve platinum status by doing a cleanse. So, I read the CLEAN book and did my best. I came within 2 points of one number of my goal and got a gold level discount which is pretty good, but this year I hope to do better. CLEAN works for me because you can still live a fairly normal life and you can still eat.


What is it?

CLEAN is a 21-day/three week detox with a 3-day lead in Elimination Diet and a 7-day post program Reintroduction plan.

In short, you will eliminate common allergens, potential toxins, etc for three days - eating only off of the include list but no limit to how many meals - I like to taper down for longer but it is up to you. For instance, I have already tapered off of caffeine and have reduced my alcohol and sugar intake as these are the hardest for me personally. I also try to squeeze out the "bad" things by making better choices up to 2 weeks in advance.

Next, we will do 21-days of smoothies in the morning, a clean lunch and a smoothie or soup for dinner allowing for a 12 hour window between your last "meal" of the day and the first to allow your body to really deep clean and reset.

Along the way, I will post helpful hints, recipes and tidbits that I find interesting about this type of discovery and healthy adventure.

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