Nutrition Nerd Alert!


Okay, so I totally nerded out on my iPad the other night! I used Bento (which apparently FileMaker is dissolving by the summer :( boo) to make a daily report card which will keep a database of my eats, water intake, energy level, how I feel and more. It will be interesting to chart it all. You could just use a little notebook or write notes on your meal plan. I have a little checklist of daily questions to ask yourself in my mini clean kit. (see below)

I also took all of the recipes that my mom and I put on our blank meal plan chart and copied and pasted them into my other fave App - Meal Board - to make shopping easier and have them at the ready on my iPad when I am in the kitchen.

It is my first day of the elimination diet! I had already cut out caffeine last week and began tapering down to the more restricted diet. So I feel pretty good!

We are trying out the Winter Buckwheat Porridge recipe on p.10  of the Clean Meal Plan I'll let you know how we like it. I am also intrigued by this Quinoa Cereal recipe on Bon Appetit. Technically you are not supposed to eat oats, but if they are certified gluten-free, it may be worth a try for this early stage of the Elimination Diet game. It may work just as well with all quinoa too.

Thank you to Julie, she found a couple of great recipes on Becky's Buona Cucina blog.

Looks like Quinoa is the New Black! ;)

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