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BirdDog Partners is a multi-disciplinary design studio with a collaborative approach, an artisan atelier with an eye for craftsmanship in place of perfectionism. We delight in the details of pattern and perspective, honor history with modern technology and believe in authentic stories well-woven.

Allison Bozeman wears many aprons as a chronic creative / woodtype worshiper / collaboration connoisseur / seeker of strategic solutions / experience embracer . . . Perpetually Curious. Always Evolving. Mind Wide Open. 

What started as a penchant for pencil and paper in the digital age, an obsession with a more tactile, interactive experience grew. Feathered with more than 20 years of design expertise in her cap, Allison began spreading her wings into letterpress printing, non-traditional materials and a handmade approach to design. BirdDog Partners was born when a rescued hunting dog inspired a design + letterpress studio that trusts the creative process, with a little je ne sais quois.





a nose for good design

We are working on swell branding projects, bringing small business promotions to life & imagining limited edition ideas! Stop by the studio for inspiration and a collaborative conversation that connects your brand to your customers.

As a creative solo studio and small business ourselves, BirdDog Partners knows the importance of having a visual identity that gets noticed in a crowd and says quite a lot about you in just a wink. We take this process and your intrest to heart by listening to the tiniest of details, seeking out thoughtful solutions that aim to establish and enhance the relationship between you and your customers.


BirdDog Partners clientele trust the creative process to craft and cultivate brands and other creative endeavors. Our offerings are an eclectic, imaginative, often non-traditional approach to graphic design, art direction, branding, identity, illustration, promotions, boutique packaging, web & digital media design, event planning & styling, surface design, and business collateral.




Design Process : Discover


Discovery is the lighting of the campfire. Stoking the sparks so that ideas can burst into flame. This fieldwork is the most important step in the design process—and the result is getting to the essence of your brand. In this phase we will build a Creative Brief that encompasses your goals and objectives, capabilities and values, target market, positioning, and — most importantly — the vision for the future.

Design Process : Refine
Design Process : Ideate


This is where we dream big under the stars. The universe offers infinite possibilities. Breathing life into the learnings from the discovery phase, we will work up several creative directions—solutions that visually project the outlined strategy from the Creative Brief. Starting with stylescapes, and using design thinking techniques like rapid prototyping to get to the solution that brings your brand into the spotlight.

Design Process : Launch


From among the concepts presented, we’ll choose the best direction that gets your brand on the path to success, then we’ll refine it through a few iterations until it’s Goldilocks-style – just right.

Working with BirdDog means a loyal partnership – a collaboration with my clients, and sometimes teaming up with other experts who can add value to the process in key areas.



Now it is time to see if our aim is true! We’ll deliver cohesion across all touchpoints of your business. Whether it is a small-batch letterpress design in house, managing the printing process with outside vendors, hitting publish to make your website live. All the elements of your branding guidelines will be captured and packaged so you’ll have a handy reference to keep you on brand consistent going forward.




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